Shelburne Farms Vermont Engagement Photos | Erin & Mike

Oh, my heart. Erin and Mike have filled it to the brim. They welcomed me into their fantastic treasure filled home, and we spent our time together photographing a day in the life with them and their dog Dexter. Shortly after, we headed over to Shelburne Farms, their magical wedding venue, and did an engagement session to pair with their wedding photos we'll be taking this May. Here's a small collection of the second half of our day. I enjoyed so many of the photos we made together that I decided to dedicate them to two separate blog posts. Erin and Mike, you are so special. I am thrilled beyond words to document this time in your lives for you. 

Also, the fantastic bouquet of flowers was hand made by Erin herself. She owns and runs a floral design and wedding styling company, Nectar and Root, and is outstanding at what she does. 

Jacquelyn Potter9 Comments