Best Vermont Family Portraits from 2014

I feel so special being able to spend my time with families like these. Parents who are always teaching, and children who are always curious to learn and explore. I admire parents who don't apologize if their children play in the dirt and mess up their outfits a little. Who don't apologize if their children are running around in circles and won't sit still- that just means that I get to run around and play with them too. I've braided a little girl's hair for her, and I patiently sat on the riverside with a little boy until we finally caught a minnow with our bare hands. I love setting my camera down to get on their level. It helps build trust between us, and I am fascinated when I get to peek into their brilliant minds. Some of my favorite images from some of my favorite sessions are in this post, and it warms me to know that these photos exist while we watch these little suckers quickly grow into full-sized humans.