An Outdoor Senior Portrait Session, Central Vermont | Ada Bowman

Ada and I were moments away from rescheduling, when the sky started to clear. We've become friends from me photographing her in the past, so I drove to her house and decided to pick her up anyway while still keeping any eye on the changing weather. Naturally, it started raining again as soon as she got in the car, so first we looked for covered shelter. Then we saw the rainbow. So instead we jumped back in the car and drove up into the North Hollows of Rochester and followed it until we could see it's end. It was still raining, but we both were too excited and chased it right into the middle of a field. We got soaked and it messed up Ada's hair, but her willingness to submerge herself into this opportunity ended up giving her unique senior portraits, and gave me some of my favorite portraits to date. 

Jacquelyn Potter4 Comments