An Intimate Couples Session | Cassidy & Michael

Mine and Cassidy's friendship begins way back at one of the big birthday parties I'd throw every year during high school, back when we both still lived in the tiny town of Rochester, Vermont. At the time, I hardly knew her, but wanted to extend an invite anyway. So after the school bell rang the Friday before the party, I ran to her locker room and awkwardly told her she should join. And she did. Shortly after, we quickly became best friends and spent the rest of our school days together sprinting after each other throughout the building- always hanging out after school- watching and reciting too many movies word for word- and spending all our time together during a trip to Italy. (Even when she was extremely boat sick.) And later as I was trying to grow my photography portfolio, she was trying to start a portfolio of her own for modeling. We made a great team and were constantly romping all across town together. I later graduated and moved to Kansas City, and she left for college in Boston shortly after... Where she eventually met Michael. I was in town for a wedding, so naturally we had to reunite forces and do what we do best. This time with a babe at her side.