Alycia & Greg | Wedding at the Legare Waring House in Charleston, South Carolina

Alycia and Greg... I have so many thoughts and feelings for these two. I keep typing and erasing them but nothing I say seems to accurately express them.  

These two people have lived so much life in such a short amount of time. They have lived through hell as they watch Alycia's brother, Adyson, fight illness and battle for his life. They run a non profit orphanage, school, and other programs for at risk youths in Guatemala - called Story International. They lost one of these children to a horrific fire that took 40 other lives, less than a month before they were off to America to celebrate one of the happiest days of their life. 

After taking a moment to stop and celebrate all the good in their lives and join in marriage, Alycia and Greg were involved in yet another horrific accident on the first day of their honeymoon. While driving to a beach picnic in Portugal, their van was struck and Alycia was ejected through the windshield, almost forfeiting her life.

Alycia recently shared this tidbit, and I want to share it with you all, too. "For the sake of balance, mostly. I recently posted 400 photos of our fairytale wedding (excessive, admittedly.) We tend to highlight our larger than life moments in these little boxes. And I think that's fine; it's inspirational, it's pleasant, it's a lot of good things. It seems a little off though, doesn't it? Life is a little more robust than iced lattes posing next to adorable succulents at trendy coffee shops (not against any of that, by the way. I post that crap too.) It just seems to me that these moments [the ones where nothing happened like it was supposed to and you almost die and you think you're blind and everything seems unfair and ugly and the hospital smells like smoke and your new mother in law is helping change your diaper on your honeymoon] are just as noteworthy. In a different way, sure. But what a terrible injustice to reduce our life stories to our favorite feel-good chapters, omitting the depth and richness of the white-knuckle, holding on for dear life moments." 

Yes, their wedding day was a perfect dream, but it would be a shame to leave out some of the rest that has shaped them to where they are - here, now, today. Their story is too rich to not to share alongside these images. 




Major thanks to my second shooter, Meg Juenker - for traveling across the country to photograph this with me, although I was essentially a stranger to her. A week in Charleston later, and now she's one of my dearest friends. Love you. You and your photos are irreplaceable.